Welcome to The Clinic!

The Clinic is an Evillious Chronicles fanfic set in the Second Period. It stars Behemo Barisol as he gets into wacky adventures with his friends, the crewmembers of the Climb One! It was originally run over Tumblr in a text-game format, but has now been completed on posted on AO3. Worry not, though, because there’s always new bonus material to be posted!

Relationship Chart

Character Profiles

Behemo Barisol

One of the admins of Gudnatia.NET. Escaping to the virtual reality of the Second Period, he began working at Held Yggdra’s clinic, living alongside his avatar and “twin sister” Levia.

Levia Barisol

A prodigy psychiatrist and the older “twin sister” of Behemo. Was the one to first make contact with the First Period. Has a shaky relationship with her mother Rahab.

Rahab Barisol

The deputy head of Held’s clinic and Levia’s mother. Although she’s in a relationship with Gilles, she regularly sleeps around. A fun-loving woman and an alcoholic.

Held Yggdra

The head of a clinic in Moscow, dedicated to treating young children infected with HER. Still grieving over the loss of his daughter twenty years ago, he’s working hard to eradicate HER.

Mayumi Santos

A girl currently confined to Held’s clinic after pressing the red “switch” that killed her father. Her split personality has HER, and she’s generally regarded to be unstable.

Gilles Derais

A prominent astrophysicist and the uncle of Marie. A former playboy who’s romanced many famous women, he’s currently in a relationship with Rahab.

Marie Annette

A historian and the niece of Gilles. Taken in by her uncle after the death of her parents, she’s currently living as the granddaughter of Luna, alongside her “twin brother” TALOS.


A helper robot for the spaceship Climb One and the “twin brother” of Marie. Built by Luna, he’s programmed to always enforce and follow the rules.

Luna Hazuki

A genius mechanical engineer and inventor. She’s amassed a fortune over the years through her inventions. Secretly a world-class videogamer.

Salem Dunbar

An economist and the fund manager of Held’s clinic. He’s known for being stingy, as well as being stereotypically British. Makes a mean cup of tea.

Vlad Tuberci

A biotechnology researcher working at Held’s clinic. Growing up poor, he caught his big break after getting a scholarship at Gudnatia University. Really likes fast food.

Eater Sabella

The chef of the Graveyard restaurant and the cousin of Vlad. He’s known for his unique recipes, inherited from his late grandmother.

Lich Arklow

The Second Period’s authority on artificial life and the manager of the Graveyard restaurant. Currently experimenting with cloning.

Michaela Arklow

An intern at Held’s clinic and the younger sibling of Lich. A spirited teenager, they’re currently working as Levia’s assistant.

Gumillia Matsumoto

A quiet girl, and a good friend of Michaela and Levia. Due to her strict personality, she’s currently working as Seth’s monitor and assistant. Rumored to have a crush on Levia.

Phaser Renard

An intern at Held's clinic. He loves taking photos of wildlife, especially foxes. Has a thing with Behemo.

Seth Twiright

A genius physicist and a researcher of parallel worlds. Although credited for inventing the first ever Black Box, he’s ostracized for his weird behavior. Rumored to be a HER.

Rin Kagamine

A prototype earthling orbiting the Earth of the Second Period. Acting as the program’s overseer, she plays with words and influences reality.